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Frequency Converter Reovib MFS 368

IP54 or IP20


More technology in the same form – this is the motto of the new REOVIB MFS 368. The new devices consume up to 45% less electricity. This means that they do not only offer a better energy footprint, but also lower operating costs. This has been achieved by reactive power compensation. The lower power consumption is more eco-friendly thanks to the reduction in CO² emissions.

The frequency converters also have impressive effects on the conveying technology, with a wide input voltage range of 99 V to 264 V for a consistent output voltage of 250 V max. They also make it possible to operate the vibratory feeder at the optimal vibration frequency for the conveyed goods, completely independent of the frequency of the supply electrical network. The device can therefore be used worldwide. Where several different conveyors or magnets would have been required in the past, one REOVIB MFS 368 can now get the job done.

It is also possible to automatically determine the resonance frequency of the vibration system and control the vibration amplitude to set it at constant values by implementing the REO-patented ACC control procedure. The benefit of this is that the conveyor automatically works at the optimum conveying capacity independently of the load or mechanical settings. No time-consuming adaptation of the conveyor is required. The new REOVIB MFS 368 means that optimum and maximum conveying performances can be consistently achieved, such as when springs age or with changing mechanical loads or voltage fluctuations.

The new converter has an integrated active network filter, saving on additional costs for an external network filter and reducing power consumption. It also has an LCD display which shows full text. A temperature sensor for magnets can be connected if required to guarantee that there are no failures due to defective magnets and to increase the operational safety of the units.

The devices can be equipped with field bus interfaces if necessary and are also available in designs with UL/CSA certification. This permits simple use without unnecessary effort and tests in units in the USA and Canada.

The devices of the REOVIB MFS 368 series are available with a max. output current of 3 A, 6 A , 8 A as IP20 variant for switch cabinet installation as well as IP54 housing version. The IP54 enclosures can be supplied with various connection options:

  • Input- and output cable
  • Input cable and output plug
  • Completely pluggable with input- and output plug and sensor connectors


  • reduction of harmonics and thus of mains interferences
  • energy efficiency through reactive power compensation
  • active power is taken from the supply network
  • Output voltage of 205 V with an input voltage range from 99 V to 264 V
  • LCD display with full-text menu
  • short-circuit detection
  • output current limitation
  • possibility (as an option) of connecting an external thermal contact for temperature monitoring of the magnets
  • extra 24 V valve outlet as an option
  • the Device can be configured according to your requirements


Feed & assembly automation, sieve technology, filling & packaging technology



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