High Current Transformer

High-current transformers according to the current transformer principle


High-current transformers enable the simple transformation of very small primary currents into very high secondary currents. The compact and robust structure is already provided with reinforced insulation. As a result, uncoated copper bars that are already safely insulated on the primary side, without any additional measures, can be used as a secondary winding.

The high-current transformers are completely pre-assembled on stable aluminium profiles and provided with terminals according to VBG 4. In addition, a connection is provided for the grounding of the mounting rails. Due to the parallel connection being possible, even higher output currents can be achieved.

Typical areas of application are: Test devices for switchgear as well as lifting gates to examine the current and heating tests of the switching contacts.


  • Partial sealing with large push-through opening for cable rails or busbars
  • Compact design
  • Very low magnetic stray field
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • High electromagnetic compatibility without additional components
  • Pre-assembled on aluminium rails with clamps according to VBG 4
  • Standard: EN 61558

*Special voltages and higher powers on request