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Ohmic Load Unit Reoload 310

Ohmic load units


With optional liquid cooling, our test equipment combines compact construction, low weight and high protection class. When using this cooling method, much less waste heat in total is dissipated at the units themselves – this is a great advantage, in particular in smaller rooms or at high ambient temperatures. Another benefit of this system is that energy taken away by the water can be sustainably integrated into the company heating process by REO liquid-cooled resistive load units. This can contribute positively to the energy efficiency of the whole company.


  • Four fixed stages of three-phase alternating current for testing auxiliary converters with active current regulation
  • Individual stages can be switched on and off by means of illuminated push-buttons while the ON load
  • Display of voltages, currents and direction of rotation
  • Line side inductors for damping voltage spikes
  • Outputs for measuring current and voltage
  • Connections to suitable terminals with the control housing