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Passive Current Transformer Series In-i

Pulsed current transformer


Because of the materials selected, REO pulsed current transformers in the IN-I series monitor current with high precision and in the appropriate transformation ratio – which makes them particularly suitable for power measurements, current monitoring and analysis, and for use in solar inverters. They are ideal for use in active filters, as they can be designed to measure current surges.

The primary current is measured in a conductor fed through the closed toroidal core. The magnetic field generated by the flow of current through the conductor is detected by the toroidal core, which, in accordance with the transformation ratio of the secondary winding, generates a smaller current for measurement purposes. By this means, a heavy current to be measured is reduced to a substantially smaller current and is in addition isolated from the primary circuit by safe electrical isolation.


  • Fully encapsulated
  • Glass-fibre reinforced cast housing
  • High-precision current measurements Cl 0.2
  • Pulsed current measurement
  • (8/20μs surge current pulse)
  • Low-loss core (core losses <10W/kg at 20kHz/200mT)
  • Housing made of UL-V0 material with inset thread


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