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Programmable Phase Angle Controller Reovib MTS 441

IP54 or IP20


The REOVIB MTS series includes single-channel, two-channel and three-channel control units for vibratory conveyor drives. These are phase-angle control systems. The vibration frequency of the conveyor can be the same as or twice the frequency of the input voltage. (Other frequencies are possible depending on the type). Plug and socket connections for all inputs and outputs make rapid installation possible and facilitate the combination of several devices with each other or with external control systems. The devices use digital technology and are operated via a LED or LCD display and buttons. All settings can be made without the housing having to be opened. REOVIB MTS 441 control devices have a target value setting for conveying speed. The REOVIB MTS 442 has two power outputs and the REOVIB MTS 443 has 3 power outputs, that can be linked according to the the application requirements (e.g. bowl and linear conveyors). Also Various sensor and valve logic can be programmed.

All parameters of REOVIB MTS 441, 442 und 443 can be input via a display integrated into the faceplate. The devices can be used to link additional devices from the REOVIB MTS series. Application-specific settings can be stored and retrieved when required. The devices of REOVIB MTS 441 and 620 are available in protection class IP20.

Additionally the REOVIB MTS 441 is just as the REOVIB MTS 442 and 443 available in a standalone IP54 housing with various connection options:

Complete cable connection solution for mains, output and control connections


  • Phase-angle control with programmable functions
  • Single-channel, two-channel or three-channel control for the optimal control of the complete conveyor system
  • Digital setting of all parameters via LED display or multiline LCD display (MTS 443 LCD)
  • In IP54 or IP20 design (MTS 441)
  • Automatic mains voltage adjustment
  • Material flow control
  • Various sensor logic functions can be set
  • Adjustable soft start
  • With fill level/overflow control
  • Integrated mains voltage compensation with constant vibration amplitude


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