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Reoline Plus Dc-s/d

REOLINE Laboratory Power Supplies (analogue, separate windings)


The laboratory variable transformers from the REOLINE series are equipped with a digital display, economy winding and continuously adjustable output voltage from 0 … 200 VDC. The absolute zero position causes the de-energized state in position 0. The adjustable voltage supply is suitable for use in laboratories, in the testing and service area or in workshops.


  • Mains cable 2m long
  • Illuminated power switch with integrated thermal short-circuit protection
  • Toroidal transformer with absolute zero position
  • Safety socket 4mm at the output
  • Short time overload possible
  • Easy connectivity
  • Does not generate electromagnetic interference
  • Modifications on request
  • Residual ripple 48%
  • Inrush-current limitation options


  • Laboratory
  • Test field
  • Factory and service applications