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Reomed Isomonitor



Conventional protective measures against isolation faults, such as fault current circuit breaks for home installations, may not recognise potential isolation faults on the output side when isolation transformers are used. The ISOMONITOR monitors the dielectric resistances of both live contacts of the isolation transformer’s output socket against grounding potential and generates a warning signal in the event of a fault.

Isolation resistance is monitored in case the threshold value of 50 kΩ (25 kΩ) is exceeded. If this value is exceeded, both an acoustic signal (a pulsating tone of approx. 3 kHz, approx. 98 db) and a visual signal (LED indicator) are generated. The ISOMONITOR can be directly connected to one of the output sockets on the isolation transformer. Other optional functions are monitoring the transformer temperature with aural and visual alarms, and a visual display of the transformer’s power consumption.

In the event of a fault, the aural alarm can be reset with an acknowledgement button, and the visual alarm is automatically reset as soon as the fault has been dealt with. Should a function test be performed with the ISOMONITOR, an appropriate test plug (adapter cable required) for simulating an isolation fault must be plugged into one of the output sockets on the isolation transformer. The signal will be triggered while the test plug is plugged in.


  • IEC 60601-1-2:2014
  • Easy to operate
  • Aural and visual signals
  • Function test with test plug
  • Power consumption display (optional)
  • Temperature warning (optional)


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