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Three-phase Ac High Current Supply Reolab 220

Adjustable and constant voltage supplies, for temperature rise testing


REO high-current supplies are used wherever DUTs, with several thousand amperes have to be tested, particularly switching devices, fuses, cables, etc. The test items are thermally heated and tested in long-duration tests under nominal conditions. Tests with defined overloaded curves can also be made.

Traditional voltage adjustments with variable transformers ensure that the input signal is passed through to the output as a clean sinus.
Thus, tests with any current value can be sinusoidally tested and reproduced at any time.

The control of the high-current supplies is electronically performed with the result that an accuracy of < 0.5% is achieved. In addition, the control can be integrated into customers’ laboratory networks via different BUS systems.


  • Single- or three-phase high-current supplies
  • AC supplies up to 30 kA
  • The modular construction of the different units
  • (variable unit, control unit, power section)


Temperature rise testing of components such as cables and contacts, Low-voltage distribution, and Switchgear with low-ohmic impedances