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Variable Transformer Reovar Drrto/drrtospw

Three-phase toroidal variable transformers (auto windings, open, IP 00)


REOVAR toroidal transformers from the market leader for variable transformers regulate the output voltage in fine steps at constant current at the output. Our toroidal transformers are suitable for frequencies of 50 – 400 Hz – other frequencies on request.

The particular advantage of this series is to maintain the sinusoidal shape – like that, EMC problems cannot occur. The special winding core of REO produces no stray fields and low voltage case.

  • Input voltage: 3 x 400V 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage 3 x 0-400 V oder 0-450 V
  • Ambient temperature max. 40° C
  • Connection group IO

REO-Ringstelltransformatoren entsprechen der EN 61558-2-14


  • Degree of protection IP 20 – IP 54
  • Motor drive, digital / analog
  • Separate winding
  • Versatile accessories: e.g. TVR 6500 motor control


  • High-precision adjustment (turn-to-turn voltage only approx. 0.7 V)
  • Generate no harmonic currents or voltages (clean sinusoidal output voltage, no harmonics)
  • No EMC interference