EMC filters have historically been housed in folded aluminum cases, which although reasonably inexpensive to produce are often easily damaged and provide limited mounting and termination options.

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New Government – New Ideas?



We have all been enthralled at the events of the last few weeks

Even to the extent that we have actually discussed 'politics' in the office. Our office presents a fairly limited political view, purely because of a lack of diversity of the people that work here.

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Renewable Energy



News of the incumbent UK governments initiative concerning Feed-in tariffs (FiTS) has been a long time coming, the Germans raised legislation concerning this in 1990

The legislation basically is a vehicle for suppliers of renewable electricity to get paid for putting energy back into the grid, hopefully making the investment in generation equipment justifiable.

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SKYPE – Death of email?



We have just installed a Skype system here. Actually that makes it sound complicated, it isn't. Nor is it expensive, time-consuming or distracting.

However, it is really useful, especially if you have colleagues in remote locations that you want to speak to, or even see, for free! Voice and video calls for Skype to Skype calls cost nothing which makes it great if you have to make a lot of calls to the same user. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

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PR – The Industrial Context



A trip to the bookshop at the airport recently reunited me with one of the best stand up comedians of all time, Bill Hicks; or actually a book concerning his comedy to be more precise, Bill died in 1994, aged 32. Incidentally, I have read there is an upcoming film on Bill's life starring Russell Crowe which should be interesting in itself.

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How important is price?



Michael Porter listed 4 generic marketing strategies in his 1985 book 'Competitive Advantage' (I got my copy for 70 p from a second-hand bookshop!) 

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I want it all



... and I want it now!

Business in our sector seems to be slowly catching up with wider cultural requirements regarding the desire for information now and product tomorrow (if not sooner!) REO have spent a lot of time, and no little expense, ensuring that our website provides an effective resource for our customers, especially those concerned with legislative issues regarding EMC (actually thats virtually all of them) Coupled with this we are developing our webshop to back this information up with product which is able to be supplied directly.

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The ‘X’ Factor



Not sure if that it is registered tradename? In any case, we are seeing more and more examples of customers who are being very successful in spite of the economic conditions and competitive situation. Seth Godin wrote in his book 'The Purple Cow' that simply being good is not sufficient any more, you have to be truly outstanding to be noteworthy and success should follow. This book is an interesting, reiteration of things we probably already know but maybe chose to forget in favor of more pressing issues.

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Face to Face Contact


hands on

REO has always been a 'hands on' organization with an emphasis being placed on getting out there and meeting customers and prospects. The REO motto is 'we follow the customer' it could equally be 'we visit the customer'

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The UK market – Green Shoots?


uk market

Discussions with various individuals, each with differing perspectives, suggest that things are getting better, relatively speaking at least!

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