REO puts choke production on full throttle



In response to increasing demand for power quality equipment, specialist manufacturer Reo has invested substantially in two new fully automatic coil winding machines. Reo can now make its ranges of compensation chokes, DC link chokes and storage chokes at rates of up to 3600 an hour using the two new machines. The new plant enables the company to deliver an exceptionally fast response to requests from customers for both standard and special purpose EMC filters.

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Power quality guide simplifies power problems



REO UK (Ltd) has released a new comprehensive guide to power quality for those with little or no experience of effective power supply control. The guide highlights the importance of safe and clean power supplies and discusses the problems that can occur. Preventive measures are described to stop power supply problems damaging equipment.

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REO cleans up supplies to screened rooms



REO UK Ltd, the manufacturer of power quality and power management equipment, now carries a full range of equipment for screened rooms and test facilities.

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Multiformer tests equipment performance on worldwide power supplies



REO (UK) Ltd has introduced the new Multiformer MF6, which allows engineers to test equipment performance across the different voltage levels and frequencies found in mains supplies around the world. The Multiformer is the first in a new generation of power supplies from REO and will ensure that products are able to function at the same performance level in countries with different main supplies from the UK. It not only makes performance testing less time consuming and more efficient, but also results in safer products by ensuring correct operation at different voltages and frequencies.

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New load bank simplifies equipment testing



Designed for testing equipment under load, REO UK Limited has introduced a new variable resistor load bank with fixed stages connected in parallel and switched in, as required, with an adjustable stage for fine trimming. The REOLOAD 100 series will find applications in the testing of power supplies, generators, motor / alternators and rectifier sets. It is also ideal for testing lifts and cranes.

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