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Industrial Converter Solutions - Renewable

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• Compact dimensions

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• Use of power loss for heat

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Solutions for the future of energy - products for solar and wind energy

Without doubt, wind and solar power plants are currently the cleanest form of energy and are now no longer considered as niche products but instead offer a real alternative to traditional methods of energy generation. Inverters are used in both wind and solar power installations and these achieve the highest efficiency ratings.

However, they do generate interference, which cannot be allowed onto the public mains network and is controlled by power quality standards, so that other electrical equipment is not affected by these disturbances.

REO has 90 years of experience in the application of inductive and resistive components, over a wide range of products and has gained a broad know-how, in particular with respect to EMC and Power Quality issues for inverter drives.

Wind energy technology

In contrast to solar energy, energy obtained from wind power is AC. To comply to standards for grid connected inverters, certain criteria like network frequency, sinusoidal output voltages and other interference factors have to be satisfied as well as factors like variable energy generation (variations in wind intensity). In this application, the AC power is first converted into DC power with an inverter.

In order to adhere to standards of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), several components — from line filters, HF transformers, HF storage chokes, compensation chokes, mains and motor chokes to sinusoidal and harmonic filters — are utilised. REO supplements this range with resistive components like brake resistances for protection from overload conditions.

Water cooling for maximum power in a small space

Wind energy plants are becoming progressively more compact in order to achieve the best possible return from the smallest possible area. A solution to this offer water-cooled components that enable optimized cooling in the smallest space . REO manufactures a wide range of devices with water cooling - a pioneering alternative to air cooling.

Solar technology

Solar systems first generate DC voltage from solar energy, then a solar inverter converts DC into AC voltages. Single-phase or three-phase inverters can be used depending on the power requirement and application.

The ever-increasing efficiency of energy conversion in modern inverters is resulting in high-frequency energy that is fed to the DC circuits. This fast switching of power semiconductors can then result in a premature ageing of the solar modules.

REO components – like filter chokes and DC EMC filters – counteract this safely and reliably to optimise the service life. For inverters which require transformers, REO produce highly efficient ring core based designs, EMC filters and components for interference suppression and safety and current transducers and shunt resistances for current monitoring.

For transformer-less inverters, REO manufactures ring core chokes, storage chokes, filter chokes and resonance chokes. Single-phase or three-phase sinusoidal filters are particularly suitable for sine-wave filtering.

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  • CNW 806

    Three-phase-dv/dt filter

    CNW 806
    • Nominal Voltage: 500 V
    • Rated current: 4 - 1200 A
    • Inductance: 0,005 - 1,5 mH

    Reduce voltage rice to < 500V/µs - electrical consumrs and insulation will protected with low costs. 

    A simple and inexpensive method for reducing the rate of voltage rise is to use a du / dt filter or throttle. It dampens the voltage rise to acceptable values and prevents overvoltages on long supply lines.

    Losses and heating are minimized and the leakage current reduced. By limiting the rate of voltage rise, the motor insulation is protected and thus prolongs the life.

    Also, the electromagnetic interference can be reduced in the radiation range of 1 MHz to 30 MHz.

    • Rated voltage: U ≤ 3 x 500 V

    • Reduce voltage rice to < 500V/µs

    • Field frequency: 0 - 60 Hz

    • Drive switching frequency: up to 150 A >4kHz, from 150 A >1,5KHz

    • According to: EN 60289 / EN 61558

    • Test voltage: L-L 2500 V, AC/50Hz 60s; L-PE 2500 V, AC/50Hz 60s

    • Insulation class: T40/F

    • Protection rating: IP00

    • Climatic categorie: DIN IEC 60068-1

    • Overload: 1,5 x INenn 1 min / h

    • Ambient temperature: 40 °C

    • Design: standing on foot angle

    Typical applications

    • Drive systems for motor drives:

      • Mechanical engineering

      • Elevators / escalators

      • Pipes

      • Conveyor technology

      • Ventilation and air conditioning

      • Robotics

      • Automation technology

    • Power supplies

    • Wind turbines

  • RFT-VV

    Toroidal fixed transformers, fully sealed

    • Rated power: 10 - 6000 VA
    • Input voltage: 230 V

    Toroidal transformer fully sealed as mains transformer, autotransformer, safety isolating transformer, isolating transformer. 

    All benefits of the toroidal transformer are combined in fully sealed toroidal transformers in a special plastic housing. The shape of the housing can be adapted exactly to the application. The plastic housing provides optimal mechanical protection against humidity and dust and provides in addition better heat conduction which leads to an increased power density.

    The mounting is carried out by means of a central screw and allows therefore a short mounting time.

    • Conform to: EN 61558-2-6, EN 61558-2-4, EN 61558-2-1

    • Maximum production : up to 6 kVA

    • Voltages: 24 up to max. 690V

    • Frequency range: 50-400Hz

    • Rated currents: up to 50 A

    • Temperature class: T40/E und T40/B

    Special voltages and higher capacities on request

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