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DV/DT Choke N CNW 806

Three-phase dv/dt filter

Reduce voltage rice to < 500V/µs – electrical consumers and insulation will protected with low costs.

A simple and inexpensive method for reducing the rate of voltage rise is to use a du / dt filter or throttle. It dampens the voltage rise to acceptable values and prevents over voltages on long supply lines.

Losses and heating are minimized and the leakage current reduced. By limiting the rate of voltage rise, the motor insulation is protected and thus prolongs the life.

Also, the electromagnetic interference can be reduced in the radiation range of 1 MHz to 30 MHz.


  • Protection for electrical consumers
  • Limitation of the voltage rise on <500V / us
  • Extended service life of electrical consumers
  • Low leakage currents on the motor
  • Reduced losses
  • Easy construction
  • Compact design
  • Production according to UL insulation system E251513 possible

Typical Applications

Drive systems for motor drives, Mechanical engineering, Elevators / escalators, Pipes, Conveyor technology, Ventilation and air conditioning, Robotics, Automation technology, Power supplies, Wind turbines

Technical Specifications

  • Rated voltage: U ≤ 3 x 500 V
  • Reduce voltage rice to < 500V/µs Field frequency: 0 – 60 Hz Drive
  • switching frequency: up to 150 A >4kHz, from 150 A >1,5KHz
  • According to: EN 60289 / EN 61558
  • Test voltage: L-L 2500 V, AC/50Hz 60s; L-PE 2500 V, AC/50Hz 60s
  • Insulation class: T40/F
  • Protection rating: IP00
  • Climatic category: DIN IEC 60068-1
  • Overload: 1,5 x INenn 1 min / h
  • Ambient temperature: 40 °C
  • Design: standing on foot angle

Technical specification

DV/DT Choke N CNW 806

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions in mm DV/DT Choke N CNW 806

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