An order valued in excess of €1m for a system to test electronic equipment was supplied to the China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) by REO for use in the development of the Olympic Fast Train. It is used for final testing of train components to verify performance compliance, which is critical with the train travelling at speeds up to 300 km/h. The REO test equipment was employed successfully for the initial six Fast Trains and is now being used for an additional 60 trains.

The order consisted of several variable DC power supplies, rated for 3000 V, 150 A for converter testing and Single and Three Phase resistive and inductive loads for loading the output of the converters to simulate a motor load.

Each unit has its own operator console, with appropriate meters and indicators plus suitable methods of control. This arrangement allows remote operation of the system whilst allowing the main portion of the equipment to be located in a more suitable area of the test facility.

Prior to placing the order, a delegation from CARS was received with great pride at REO’s plant. This gave delegation members the opportunity to witness at first hand the extent of the company’s wide ranging rail-related capabilities and its high quality of production, especially with regard to wound components and inductors. The visitors were particularly interested in REO’s range of UL approved braking resistors.

As soon as the intensive factory approval tests were completed the equipment, weighing some 34 tonnes, was dispatched to China.

The fulfilment of this order demonstrates the ability of REO to provide specialist knowledge at a global level and one of only a few companies capable of undertaking such projects

The Fast Train was first used on the 150 km Beijing-Tianjin route: Tianjin was one of the sites for the Olympic soccer matches in 2008.


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