A multi-function AC power supply offers variable voltage and frequency

A new versatile switch-mode AC power supply unit that provides a step-less adjustment of output voltage and frequency, with a choice of either analogue or digital control, has been introduced by REO (UK) LTD. The unit can be used in voltage, current or power regulation mode.

Versatile and adaptable, this new power supply unit, called ‘Platypus’, offers multiple control options for numerous applications. These include pre-compliance testing against standards or function testing for equipment that is designed to operate on different supply voltages or frequencies.

Typical examples of standard tests are three-phase unbalance (using three units), power frequency variation and voltage variation testing (under/over voltage). If required these tests can also be carried out at different frequencies because of the versatility of the power supply. Other test applications include online batch testing of voltage relays, current trips, circuit breakers and relays.

Stepless adjustment for both voltage (0-300V) and frequency (15-150Hz) is provided via front-panel mounted potentiometers whilst digital settings are entered using a touch panel. The potentiometers provide quick and simple means of achieving on-the-fly adjustment of voltage or current, ideal for verifying such things as trip levels.

The Platypus is available in 10A and 16A output versions, both in two configurations, open 19 in. 6U rack and enclosed bench-top units. Communication is via an RS232 interface. Panel displays include analogue an ammeter, voltmeter and LED digital display. The unit is protected by three line fuses and is short-circuit proof. In addition to English, the unit can be programmed in German and French.


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