Braking resistors take centre stage at NMI event

Tim Cooke, an electric braking expert from wound components manufacturer REO, is set to speak at the NMI Power Electronics event on July 2 in Nottingham. The event, entitled ‘Power Conversion for More Electric Transport’, will take place in the National College at the University of Nottingham and Tim’s presentation will be entitled ‘Braking Challenges in Electric Vehicles’.

Tim will focus on the use and development of braking resistors for the electric vehicle market. He will address the unique challenges the transportation environment creates for the technology and compares the benefits offered by air and water-cooled resistors. He will conclude by examining cutting edge and future breakthroughs and presenting a case study featuring a global leader in the transportation market.

The event is free to attend and the keynote speaker will be Professor Chris Gerada of Nottingham University, whose presentation will be entitled ‘More Electric Transport – the Aerospace View’. His talk will be followed by aerospace and marine focus sessions in the morning and automotive and rail sessions in the afternoon.

Power Conversion for all modes of transport is becoming increasingly important in achieving Government low carbon targets. Power electronics lies at the heart of this ‘more electric’ revolution and the Power Electronics Network Event will provide an opportunity to hear the latest developments from a range of experts. The sectors addressed will include automotive, aerospace, rail and marine and the specialists on hand will be sharing their knowledge on challenges, solutions and future trends.

NMI is the trade association representing the UK electronic systems, microelectronics and semiconductor communities. It addresses skills, innovation, R&D, manufacturing, design, advocacy and representation. Its objective is to aid the development of a sustainable, world-leading industry in the UK, by building a strong network and acting as a catalyst and facilitator for commercial and technological development.

Tim joined REO UK in 2013 after successfully driving RS Components’ sales leadership initiative during his sixteen years at the company. He has also worked for Cray Electronics and Control Techniques. Though stationed in the UK, his remit includes working with REO subsidiaries in Europe, the US, China and India.

“Braking resistors are amongst the key facilitators in electric vehicle technology,” explained Tim. “Even regenerative braking has a limit, created by the onboard energy storage facility, which is an automotive application would, of course, be the battery. In a locomotive application, it might be the mains power supply or a bank of capacitors. When the storage is at capacity, or when the braking system is generating energy at too fast a pace to store all of it, there is a clear need to dissipate that energy as heat.”

Tickets for the free event can be obtained via the NMI website.


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