Cutting through the standards puzzle

To help demystify the new EMC Directive, REO has published a series of FREE mini guides, which can be posted or downloaded from their website The new Directive puts the onus on virtually everyone in the supply chain including designers, system integrators, panel builders, contractors, installers and equipment owners, to ensure that equipment, whether it is a finished appliance or a fixed installation conforms to the essential requirements of the Directive.

In the case of CE marking, required for a finished appliance (or apparatus as it is now known), it is acceptable for the manufacturers to self declare conformity. Whilst for fixed installations it should be possible to use harmonised standards in order to demonstrate conformity – although neither CE marking nor a Declaration of Conformity is required.

However a fixed installation has to be installed applying good engineering practices which have to be documented. Suppliers will also have to provide information on the intended use of the components, taking into account the requirements of the EMC environment into which the equipment is going. Furthermore installers and commissioning engineers will have to understand the technical information that is provided. Also, a responsible person; the owner, is required to hold technical documentation throughout the operational life of the equipment.

The Directive makes a statement that says harmonised standards reflect the generally acknowledged state of the art as regards electromagnetic compatibility in the European Union. The free guides contain most of the key information relating to these standards.

For more information on the issues surrounding the new EMC Directive and to download the free mini guides


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