EMC & CI show goes virtual for 2021

EMC & CI, is hosting a unique virtual event on May 19, 2021, that is designed to augment the next real event scheduled to take place at Newbury Racecourse in May 2022.

The 2021 ‘virtual’ event has already attracted several guest speakers who have offered to provide keynote presentations on the following:

  • Antennas, and Real-Time Spectrum Analyser Measurements.
  • Simulation
  • RED (the Radio Equipment Directive)
  • High Power EMC
  • Brexit, CE and UKCA Marking
  • Transport, Systems and Installations

In addition, world-renowned EMC expert, Keith Armstrong, will be providing two days’ worth of online training and accompanying notes on:

  • Why “CE+CE=CE” cannot be relied upon for EMC compliance
  • Low-cost, quick, benchtop EMC testing helps de-risk all project stages
  • How to achieve EMC Compliance under the RED
  • Practical Electronic Design Techniques for Cost-Effective SI, PI and EMC in 2021

Keith said: “These are the latest, up to date versions of my courses and not have been seen before! The impact of EMC is becoming more widespread and understanding it will save time and money.”

The show will be hosted at www.emcuk.co.uk/emcuk-2021 and there is already a preliminary workshop agenda and training schedule.

Alan Warner, the organiser of the event said, “While the next real show is scheduled for 2022, some of the presentations and workshops are relevant right now and that’s why it was decided to give people the opportunity to view the specially produced content before it was too late.”

The event will go online on the May 19, 2021, and content will be available to view until the end of June. All the exhibitors for the next real event in 2022 are also beginning to add content to the exhibitors’ area. This means that visitors to the site and subsequent events can both be trained, informed and find solution providers in one go.


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