As a manufacturer of frequency converters/inverters and UPS units with customers from around the world involved in the aerospace, military (the UK and overseas) and ocean-going yacht industries, Effekta (UK) Ltd use only the best components for its systems.

The same high standards are applied in ensuring EMC compliance is achieved because many of Effekta’s products are located in equipment areas where the integrity of systems could be affected by emissions. Integral to Effekta’s equipment designs, therefore, is the integrity of both the input and output line filters and their supplier.

Having explored the market for an appropriate supplier for suitable filters, and trying a number, Kevin Brown, managing director of Effekta has adopted REO as his supplier for both single and 3-phase units.

Being at the high-spec end of the market, Effekta does not have a high volume component demand and for the same reason does need to be confident of dependable technical support when required. In addition, he was looking for a supplier that could be accommodating as regards product specification, even about such simple matters as providing a product with mounting configurations compatible with the company’s designs.

“REO ticks all the boxes,” said Kevin Brown. “The product is excellent with good attenuation. We’ve had no problems since adopting REO as our supplier and the support has been excellent. Also, product availability is good without us having to place silly high volume orders.”

REO’s filters are used principally for Effekta’s EF20 range of frequency converters, which offer single-phase outputs of between 1.5kVA and 40kVA with a choice of single or 3-phase input. To satisfy the company’s international customers’ needs, outputs range from 16-850Hz to inputs of 16-440Hz single or 3-phase.


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