Hazardous areas and seismic areas

On the safe side with REO products

For REO, the holistic conceptualisation of products means that it also allows for conditions that are rather unlikely in Germany: earthquakes. To enable safe and long-term use all over the world, REO products, such as various different performance classes of column-type transformers, are built to be earthquake proof.

To prevent damage or even destruction of transformers during an earthquake from sudden movements or vibrations, components and fixings are selected in accordance with the high requirements and special safety measures planned from the early design phase onwards. The stress of products in extreme situations is then tested with elaborate simulation procedures. To do this, different spectra with various frequencies, accelerations and directions are considered and simulated in the REO competence centre in Berlin.

You are always on the safe side with products from REO, even in the event of an earthquake. Please contact us for more information.


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