I want it all

Business in our sector seems to be slowly catching up with wider cultural requirements regarding the desire for  information now and product tomorrow (if not sooner!) REO has spent a lot of time, and no little expense, ensuring that our website provides an effective resource for our customers, especially those concerned with legislative issues regarding EMC (actually that’s virtually all of them) Coupled with this we are developing our webshop to back this information up with a product which is able to be supplied directly.

Despite efforts to reduce their supplier base, we are finding that more and more buyers are having to develop relationships with more potential suppliers in order that price competition exists and that delivery issues are not something that gives them sleepless nights. Historically buyers were able to rely on the national distributors to provide a safety net if all else failed, but issues regarding inventory and lead times mean that the reliance on next day deliveries can be fraught with problems.

So in addition to being a manufacturer of products for special applications, REO is also working towards being able to provide products for customers looking for instant answers, fast delivery and prices that you would expect from a company that makes its own products. Join our newsletter here if you want to keep updated on our progress towards this goal.


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