InnoTrans Exhibition Review

InnoTrans Exhibition Review

The REO Train Technology stand was very well attended for this exhibition. Many visitors commented that our stand was particularly good this year and particular praise was given for the clear and informed way in which our products were presented.

A case study was presented using a typical product, in this case a housed filter choke combination with forced air cooling. The design process from customer specification, proposal through design, development through to production, using the latest software is represented. The applicable standards EN 12663, EN 60310, EN 50124, IEC 60529 and Safety Class PD are integral to the design and provide the context for all aspects of the design process.

In addition, REO’s comprehensive range of load and damping resistors was also shown and in particular those versions which have been specifically certified for use in Railway Traction environments. This typically means designing the units to withstand prescribed levels of shock, vibration and moisture ingress.

To meet the rigorous requirements of Railway Traction, REO demonstrated other competencies and products, for example vacuum impregnation, water cooled products and air-cored inductors.

Another area of interest for visitors was REO’s components designed for use in auxiliary converters, which provide power to other areas of the train and carriages other than the prime power. There were comprehensive ranges of High Frequency and DC components, as well as more typical mains frequency components. All of which are suitable for use in a variety of inverter applications from power supplies to DC battery chargers.