The proliferation of higher power and more feature-packed Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) and endoscopy stack systems has meant that the necessity for safe operation in accordance with the mandatory EN60601 standard for electronic/electrical equipment used in the patient environment has driven power requirements for REO’s range of Medical Isolation Transformers higher.

In response, REO is pleased to announce an expansion of their successful, REOMED range with the incorporation of three new power ratings, 1300, 1600 and 2200 VA.

At the heart of a REOMED Medical Isolation Transformer, manufactured from UL listed materials, is a special isolation transformer, made using a core of high-quality electrical grade strip steel. The actual transformer windings use multilayer isolation barriers and an earthed screened winding to ensure the required dielectric strength of ≥ 4kV and “general earth leakage current” of < 500 microamperes is achieved. The transformer is then encapsulated to ensure robustness and to avoid moisture ingress. This is a unique feature of the REOMED range. The whole transformer – fuses, input/output sockets and mains switch – is housed within a metal enclosure designed for benchtop mounting.

The standard range is available to buy directly from REO or online. As a manufacturing company, REO also has the capability to offer special constructions to be more easily integrated into OEM systems.



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