EMC filters have historically been housed in folded aluminium cases, which although reasonably inexpensive to produce are often easily damaged and provide limited mounting and termination options.

To solve these problems, REO has developed a unique Profile housing system that allows highly efficient production of single and three-phase filters for use in a multitude of applications.

This design offers the user several key benefits:-

  • The actual filter components are laid on a printed circuit board and are not simply a collection of components soldered together and encapsulated. This is more reliable and provides better EMC performance.
  • The mounting plates have various fixing points which allow the unit to be mounted in a number of different orientations.
  • The units can be easily supplied with Faston, screw terminals or flying cables allowing a variety of easily applied connection options
  • The inherent robustness of this new design means that footprint mounted filters for Inverter Drives can easily be realised and REO can offer these products with integral brake resistors and even water-cooled options.

REO is offering a standard range of filters via their online shop – see for more information or alternatively contact them for more details. Tel: +44 (0)158 673 411 or email:


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