New voltage stabiliser for countries with unstable power

Power quality specialist REO UK, has launched REOSTAB, a range of single and three-phase mains voltage stabilisers. The new range will protect industrial equipment from electrical damage in countries with unreliable power grids. The product comes at a time when UK engineering companies are turning to new export markets to mitigate the fall in the UK exchange rate.

The REOSTAB range of voltage stabilisers is designed for industrial equipment in the packaging, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Available for single-phase and three-phase networks, the REOSTAB range provides effective smoothing of unstable voltages and mains fluctuations up to 1 MVA, delivering a constant voltage and machine output regardless of the variability of the incoming supply.

In three-phase networks with asymmetrical voltages and loads, REOSTAB works to regulate the three phases. If the mains voltage and load behave symmetrically, REOSTAB provides common and individual regulation of the three phases.

The REOSTAB range includes units for portable and fixed applications. The rack-mounted units designed for portable use — up to 15kVA — feature a 2m supply cable with a built-in switch at the input and a socket with an automatic circuit breaker at the output. These units are enclosed in a sturdy aluminium case with carrying handles and come with an IP20 ingress protection rating. The units for fixed applications are built on frames or control cabinets.

“Following Brexit, many UK businesses are seeking to mitigate the risk exposure from currency fluctuations by diversifying their export market strategy,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “This means that more UK engineering companies are exporting industrial equipment to countries where the mains electricity infrastructure is not as reliable or as well understood as traditional export areas.

“Our REOSTAB range of voltage stabilisers protects industrial equipment against power quality issues such as voltage spikes, harmonics and other electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) issues. These power quality problems can, at best, significantly reduce the life of the equipment and lead to higher energy bills and, at worst, they can cause equipment to overheat, short circuit and malfunction.”

For external operation, REOSTAB can be fitted with Profibus and a variety of other industrial ethernet interfaces. This opens up the possibility for remote operation of the equipment and eliminates the need for expensive laboratory test space.

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