New website for drive technology:


“We offer our visitors extensive information on industry-specific products and product combinations on the new themed website,” says Jennifer Baatz, head of the Kyritz branch, and adds: “It is particularly important to us that our customers can enjoy the full range of drive technology and the advantages of our REO Technology. The new themed website in currently four languages ​​offers the right space for this”.

REO offers a large portfolio of products for drive technology and manufactures individual product solutions on customer request. These include chokes, filters, current transformers, HF transformers and resistors. The themed website provides useful information and background information on all product groups. Because at REO there are more than 100 years of engineering skill in every product and the experience of countless hours in worldwide use under the toughest conditions. The products, some of which are highly specialized, can be tailored to their area of ​​application and meet various requirements for protection against water, dust and other aggressive media.

A high level of reliability and resilience is also made possible by the optimal product combination. All components of a system fit together perfectly and withstand the physical and chemical effects that usually occur in combination. The new “Technologies” area shows how this works. REO gives exciting insights into the demanding work of complying with international protection standards and explains how, for example, potting technology can help here. In addition, the modern simulation processes in product manufacture and quality controls through measurements are presented.

An overview of the latest company news from the field of drive technology completes the offer on the new

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