Power quality specialist simplifies product specification

Power quality specialist simplifies product specification

Power quality specialist REO UK has made it easier for electrical and electronic design engineers to identify the ideal products for specific industrial projects with a new website. The company, which provides wound inductive, resistive and power electronic components to markets globally, has made its key vertical markets central to the new site layout, making it easier for engineers in those sectors to find the most relevant products and guidance.

Established in England in 1989, REO UK has an extensive catalogue of resistive and inductive wound components including water-cooled braking resistors, toroidal transformers and line filters. Across this broad range of power products, REO has developed several models better suited to certain markets or applications, such as high-power braking resistors for heavy vehicles or medical-standard electrical transformers for critical medical equipment.

The revised layout of the website gives visitors the option of either viewing a product-oriented or market-focussed view, allowing engineers unsure of their power quality requirements to be served as effectively as those with a specific component in mind. This is particularly beneficial for design engineers in emerging markets such as renewable energy and e-mobility, for which REO offers a growing portfolio of components.

“Every industry has a common requirement for a stable electrical supply and good power quality,” said Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “However, each market has different requirements for the components that provide these improvements to power quality. These specific needs can vary significantly from application to application.

“For example, a commercial electric car is going to require a braking resistor with lower continuous power capacity than that of heavy construction or mining vehicles, which typically would require many kilowatts of continuous braking power. We’ve redesigned the website to reflect distinctions such as these and ensure that engineers have the simplest experience in finding what they need or what would benefit their application.”

The industry-oriented approach coincides with increasing demand for REO products in sectors such as e-mobility, battery and vehicle component testing and renewable energy — markets that are only set to grow in the coming years. Highlighting the full breadth of products, as well as REO’s underlying technologies and bespoke power solution services, ensures a smoother adoption of these newer markets.

For more information on REO UK’s range of power quality products and electronic components, visit the new website. To find out more about REO UK’s custom solutions, call +44 (0)1588 673 411.


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