Electrical component specialist REO has partnered with Leo Cancer Care to help bring its new upright radiotherapy system to market, by providing the firm with high-quality medical-grade isolation transformers. The Eve patient positioning system will aim to improve on existing radiotherapy approaches by allowing the patient to be treated in an upright position, which indicates increased lung capacity and reduced organ movement. Furthermore, it has general well-being and comfort benefits for patients, putting their needs at the heart of radiotherapy treatments moving forwards.

Leo cancer care has developed a new radiotherapy system that, for the first time, shifts how the therapy works from machine rotation around a supine patient to patient rotation in an upright position.

The device, which provides movement in six degrees of freedom, allows patients to be taken from a perched position down to a deep-seated position, as it can be lowered and raised with corresponding angle adjustments. It also features heel and shin supports to provide a stable platform for supporting patients undergoing treatment. However, as the innovative Eve system will be a new addition to the radiotherapy market, Leo had to assure compliance with relevant medical standards…

“As our system is new to the market, we had to demonstrate compliance with key industry safety regulations like EN 60601,” explained Randal Boyd, principal electronics engineer at Leo Cancer Care. “We engaged REO to supply us with medical isolation transformers for the Eve system. We went to them as we realised it was more straightforward from a regulatory compliance perspective to use a product that is already certified than developing our own transformer and getting it certified.”

REO supplied Leo Cancer Care with REOMED1000 medical isolation transformers that comply with EN 60601 requirements, helping expedite the product certification process and bring it to market.

“In a normal power system, the neutral and earth are connected at the distribution transformer, which creates the possibility for an electrical shock current,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “The medical-grade isolation transformers we supplied to Leo comply with the medical device directive, EN 60601. They work by disconnecting the earth and neutral, so there is no chance of shock without physically touching both the live and neutral connections. Even touching the live alone will not cause a shock.”

“REO was very helpful as it took problems off my hands and provided honest, upfront advice that helped expedite project completion,” continued Boyd. “For example, its team shared advice on installation in terms of opting for a mounted rack system and provides ongoing support. Furthermore, it was honest about any aspects of the wider project it couldn’t help with and pointed us in the right direction in terms of who to speak to.”

To find out more about the medical-grade isolation transformers supplied by REO for use in the Eve system, visit

Leo’s Eve system forms one part of its overall patient therapy offering, Marie, which is put together by combining Eve and the company’s novel CT scanner, Mary. To find out more, visit Please note, the Leo Cancer Care technology is not commercially available and will not treat patients until the required regulatory approval has been achieved.


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