REO copes well with high currents

As current rises, EMC conformance and system protection becomes more costly and the choice of solutions diminishes. Installers, panel builders, systems integrators and drive suppliers not only have to conform to European Union Directives and G5/4 but also have to consider protection against surges and ride-through.

A new range of components for just such circumstances are now available from REO who build line-reactors and EMC filters rated for up to 1200 Amps. These reduce harmonic currents and voltage distortion, whilst providing protection from damaging line surges and ride-through during voltage sags. By the careful choice of build materials and skilful construction methods REO are able to offer compact units that take up less panel space.

The components are designed to cope with the exceptionally high harmonic currents and short-term overloads encountered in modern power electronic systems. Furthermore, these passive devices are easy to fit and provide a simple solution to a number of power quality problems.


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