REO showcases energy saving and power quality expertise

REO will demonstrate its expertise in manufacturing high-efficiency power quality technology, contributing to significant energy savings, at Southern Manufacturing 2014, on February 12th and 13th. Stand J49 will showcase products including the CNW933 Sinewave filter, the energy-saving CNW903 choke and the long life CNW961 Sinusoidal filter Plus++.

REO’s innovative products meet the needs of drivers and motor manufacturers as well as systems integrators and control panel manufacturers. REO’s stand will also feature a demonstration of an optimised drive installation.

REO’s CNW933 sinewave filters are used to eliminate problems arising from long cable runs between an inverter drive and motor, by reducing dV/dt peak voltages to a benign level. Pulse width modulation produces asymmetric voltage and current waveforms, which the filter can convert back to an almost pure sine wave. This reduces radio frequency interference and means that shielded cables are no longer needed. Motor noise, temperature and mechanical stresses are also reduced.

Three-phase rectified power stages such as those used in variable speed drives, gain power quality and energy-saving benefits by using the CNW903 three-phase high current line reactor.

One of the key features is that harmonic currents and voltage distortion on the mainline are minimised. This allows compliance standards to be met including permission for connection to the supply. Damage from surges is also reduced whilst providing ride-through storage during voltage sags. This increased stability results in reduced electricity consumption and minimised costs.

“REO’s line reactors are exceptionally small and efficient due to careful selection of build materials, design experience and skilful construction,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO (UK).  “This means much less panel space is required, with a choice of terminations and protection covers available,” he concluded.

The CNW961 sinus plus++ suppresses interference on both the line cables to the motor and also to the earth conductors. This helps achieve REO’s objective of delivering a longer product life and better return on investment to manufacturers in the drives, motors and controls sector.

By feeding incurring bearing currents into the DC-link, the CNW961 eliminates any potential damage to the mechanics. This increases the longevity of the product, meaning that applications including liquid treatment and heat pumps, for example, can benefit from continuous power and long term reliability.



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