REO signs new Invertek contract

Power quality expert, REO UK, has today announced a new partnership with drives specialist Invertek, to supply the company with a range of EMC and harmonic filters. In compliance with EU directives on “adjustable speed electric power drive systems”, the new equipment is tested for use in various environments and with a number of different operating variables. This eliminates many common electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) issues, which are increasingly becoming a focus for installers and site operators.

From industrial automation and pump control to elevators and HVAC building services, Invertek specialises in the global sale, service and application of variable speed drives (VSDs). Boasting significant increases in efficiency and energy savings, VSDs have become an essential method of controlling motor speed and have gained widespread popularity.

However, the rise in the use of these VSD’s and other similar products over the last few years has had a significant impact on power quality. The process of high frequency switching introduces unwanted noise into the main supply and charging of the DC bus creates harmonic currents in the mains supply. Common symptoms of poor power quality include overloading and overheating of conductors, mains voltage distortion and EMI/RFI interference. The prevalence of these issues on a network can result in the failure of connected equipment, increased energy costs and ultimately a drastic reduction in the lifetime of components and increased application downtime.

“EMC compliance can often limit an OEM’s choice of location and plant configuration,” said Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “We’ve worked closely with Invertek to ensure that our range of EMC filters allows Invertek drives to be compliant to EN61800-3 European standards for C1, C2 and C3 environments. This goes further than many other drive manufacturers who simply bolt on a standard EMC filter which is often not fit for purpose, especially when longer cable runs are involved.”

“Meeting levels for C1 compliance is beyond the scope of most drive manufacturers,” explained Glyn Jones, technical director at Invertek Drive Systems. “This approach demonstrates that OEM’s do not have to cross their fingers and hope their customer will never ask questions regarding conformity and that demonstrating conformance should be a key selling point along with price and service.

“To provide even more flexibility, our filters can be supplied with ingress protection to  IP65, providing ingress protection against dust and jets of water, environments in which Invertek drives have no peer.”


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