REO UK Showcases Robust Power Testing Solutions at EMC & CI Exhibition


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On May 22nd and 23rd, 2024 – REO UK, a leading provider of innovative electrical solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming EMC & CI Exhibition at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire.

The event is a premier platform for professionals in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and critical infrastructure (CI) industries to explore the latest technological advancements and connect with industry leaders.

At the exhibition, REO UK will be prominently featured at Stand 4, where the company will proudly showcase its extensive range of transformer-based AC/DC power supplies and Loadbank solutions. With a commitment to delivering high-performance and reliable solutions, REO UK has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced power testing equipment, especially in the EV, railway traction, and motor drive industries.

REO remains one of the oldest manufacturers of Variable column-type transformers; these are used whenever smooth adjustment of output voltages at high currents and constant sine form is needed. REO – Variable Transformers use low-loss core material; the insulated flat copper conductor is edge wound and fixed onto epoxy fiberglass tubes, vacuum-impregnated, and dried. The roller brush system is fitted with electro-graphitized pure carbon, which provides excellent conduction and minimal wear. Full-rated current can be drawn independently of the brush position. The variable column-type transformers are designed for continuous operation but can provide high levels of overload; for example, a type REO Variable Transformer can operate at ten times their nominal rating for several seconds.

Variable transformers can control the primary windings of fixed transformers to generate high voltages or currents. They can also provide electrical isolation at the output to increase safety in the testing environment.

Interfaces such as Modbus/TCP, Profibus or Profinet can be built as an additional option to allow the external operation of the equipment easily. This innovative feature lets you operate our equipment remotely, even from different workstations; this saves expensive laboratory space and allows you to set up the power sections elsewhere, giving you more control over your operations. The customer can specify the parameters or functions that are to be available on the bus. In complex installations, REO also provides facilities for local operation to allow more straightforward commissioning or in case of bus failure.

Key Highlights of REO UK’s Exhibition:

Transformer-Based AC and DC Power Supplies: REO UK’s range of transformer power supplies are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries requiring robust and versatile power for testing applications. The showcased products will demonstrate the company’s expertise in developing solutions that enhance reliability, quality, and standards conformity.

Inductive and Resistive Loadbanks: Visitors to the REO UK booth will have the opportunity to explore the company’s inductive and resistive loadbanks, which play a crucial role in testing and validating power systems. These loadbanks are engineered to simulate real-world conditions, ensuring the reliability and durability of customer products.

Expert Guidance: REO UK’s team of experts will be on hand to provide insights into the latest trends in power testing applications, offer product walkthroughs, and address any inquiries from attendees.

Steve Hughes, Director of REO UK, said, ‘REO’s range of Test Equipment is unusual in that it is transformer based, so it doesn’t cause issues with EMC, and it is very resilient – meaning there are specific applications where it is far better than more modern solutions, the event will provide a unique opportunity for REO UK to connect with attendees and to demonstrate what sets the company apart in the industry.’

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