REO UK to show at Med-Tech Expo 2024

REO UK Showcases Cutting-Edge Technology at Med-Tech Expo 2024, in Birmingham on the 5th and 6th of June 2024

REO UK, a leading provider of innovative power supply solutions in the medical sector, proudly announces its participation in the upcoming Med-Tech Expo 2024, scheduled to take place at the NEC on the 5-6 June

Med-Tech Expo is a premier event that brings together leaders, innovators, and manufacturers in the medical and healthcare industry. REO UK is excited to participate in this prestigious event, showcasing its latest advancements in Power Supply technology that play a crucial role in ensuring safety in the rapidly evolving landscape of medical technology.

At stand B14 in Hall 2, attendees can explore REO UK’s comprehensive range of products designed to meet the unique challenges of powering the healthcare sector. From precision transformers that integrate safety monitoring to EtherNet isolation devices, our products are tailored to enhance your medical equipment’s efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Highlights at REO UK’s Stand:

REOMED Medical Isolation Transformers: Discover our state-of-the-art transformers that ensure optimal performance and reliability in medical devices.

REO Iso-Monitor: our ISOMONITOR monitors the dielectric resistances of both live contacts of the isolation transformer’s output socket against grounding potential and generates a warning signal in the event of a fault.

REO Iso-Net: The REO Iso-Net protects devices and people from electrical voltage spikes on network power cables by disconnecting the EtherNet wiring from the screen connected to the Earth conductor.

“We are thrilled to participate in Med-Tech Expo 2024, where we can showcase our commitment to driving innovation in Power Supply technology for the medical industry,” said Mr Steve Hughes, Director at REO UK. “Our presence at this event reflects our dedication to supporting the advancement of medical technology and contributing to the improvement of healthcare solutions.”

Join REO UK at Med-Tech Expo 2024 to explore the future of electrical engineering in the medical field. Our team looks forward to welcoming visitors, engaging in meaningful discussions, and fostering collaborations that will shape the future of healthcare.

For more information about REO UK and our participation in Med-Tech Expo 2024, please visit

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About REO:

REO UK is a leading provider of innovative solutions in electrical engineering. The company continues to build on its 99 years in business, demonstrating a commitment to excellence, delivering high-quality, innovative products and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and renewable energy.


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