REO’s head start in electric vehicle race

REO Germany has recently partnered with the University of Freiberg in an attempt to encourage and promote eco-friendly vehicle technology by organising an electric vehicle race.

To compete against other German, Hungarian and Italian teams, Freiberg students were given the challenge of building an electric car. The competition gave students the chance to witness first-hand how much engineering ingenuity and economic awareness can pay off in business.

Freiberg students the Racetech Racing Team were supplied with one of REO’s sophisticated battery chargers to optimise power source performance and finished second among the teams from Germany and fourth in the world.

Regular readers of our blog will know that here at REO we manufacture resistive and inductive wound components for use with static frequency converter drives in lifts and HVAC applications, as well as countless other sectors from rail to racing and power to packaging. REO have manufacturing operations in the Germany, the US, China and India.

The partnership saw young people get involved and develop ideas in an ideological framework focussed on sustainability, preserving natural resource, contributing to the decrease in carbon emissions and decreasing the negative impact of technology on the environment.

“REO has always seen universities as valuable research partners,” explained REO UK’s managing director Steve Hughes. “We have a strong belief in youngsters who are willing to take part in academic research and make things happen. In addition, the company is constantly discovering better ways of doing things in the transport and infrastructure sectors and this project fitted very well with our own focus on electric vehicles.”


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