With the introduction of the new N CNW series, REO is bringing edge winding technology further into large-scale production. From 2021, the previous CNW series will be successively replaced by the new N CNW models. Compared to the previous models, the filters and chokes can be up to 10% smaller. This not only saves space but also saves resources due to the lower use of materials and reduces the overall weight. This is particularly important for demanding projects, such as the electrification of urban mobility, where space and weight are essential criterion. The REO components can be ordered for these and other demanding applications with high protection classes of up to IP66. In general, the new standard can be adapted at any time to customer-specific requests or higher requirements, such as

Smaller, lighter, safer – and less powerful? Not in the case of the new N CNW series. REO has managed to further increase the performance of the chokes and filters despite the reduction in dimensions and mass. The power loss could be reduced by up to 25%. A technical advance that significantly reduces operating costs.

In addition to the advantages of the new types, REO promises fast delivery times. In this way, REO specifically addresses manufacturers who develop innovative products or who want to equip the products planned due to changed framework conditions with the high-performance REO products within the timeframe.


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