Special filter prevents electrical interference over long distances

REO UK produces pure variable speed drive (VSD) output voltages and currents over longer distances with its new CNW931 Single Phase Sinus Filter. With up to 230 V of low-noise output, the product is designed to smooth current and voltage over connections up to 1000 m. By minimising interference, the special filter can overcome electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues and help OEMs reduce costs with possible savings on expensive cable shielding and conductor cross-section reduction.

The CNW931 single-phase filter has a low-noise sinusoidal (sine wave) output voltage of 230 V. With a rated current of 3 –16 A, the filter suppresses unwanted frequencies, reduce parasitic currents and smooths the current waveform and reduces peaks.

REO has developed the filter as a robust and reliable solution to overcome electromechanical interference (EMI) problems that are exacerbated by the use of longer cable runs when motors are controlled using VSD’s.

“Variable Speed Drives are being used in many more applications and longer physical cables are becoming more common, it’s essential that best installation practices are followed to ensure EMC compliance and product longevity,” said Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK.

“Continuous degradation caused by EMI can result in power supply issues, and the risks are even greater over long connections. EMI may render equipment unsafe or wear down the capability of components to perform optimally. Overheating motors, trips and equipment failures also occur.

“The CNW931 Single Phase Sinus Filter is designed to significantly improve the root cause of these issues.”

By reducing motor noise and eddy current losses, the CNW931 can contribute towards the overall efficiency of systems. The unit is also equipped for a low-temperature rise for trouble-free long-term operation.

As cabling has become more expensive in recent times, compounded by increased commodity pricing in the international markets engineers are often tempted to cut corners using either unshielded and less conductor areas. As a further advantage, the CNW931 helps operators reduce installation and replacement costs through possible savings on shielded cable and reduces cable heating effects.

The CNW931 Single Phase Sinus Filter is the latest in a number of developments from REO that ensure a sinusoidal output current over very long cable lengths, also including the CNW933 three-phase sinusoidal filter. Both products are manufactured according to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Insulation System E 251513 standards.

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