E-mobility in practice: electrically operated excavators


The electrification of mobility is advancing in all areas of the economy and REO components are already proving their resilience and reliability every day. These capabilities are particularly important for heavy vehicles: high dynamic forces, adverse environments and intensive continuous operation demand the highest level of quality.

REO offers a broad product portfolio with scalable performance, especially for these special requirements. An example of this is the sine filters NTT 9339/375 / 0.06, which ensure a clean onboard power supply on electrically operated excavators. Whether in the salty air, the finest dust or thick mud, the sine filters guarantee trouble-free and low-maintenance operation. The electric drive works more than twice as efficiently as a comparable diesel machine and, in contrast, is only active when it is actually needed. As a result, no energy is wasted during idle phases. This saves resources and enables significantly quieter, more pleasant and ultimately cheaper work. In the course of the life cycle, starting with production and ending with recycling,2 balance sheets.

“We recognized the change in social awareness and the resulting potential in the field of electromobility early on. Our research and development efforts over the past few years are already paying off. With our intelligent and smart test systems for almost every area of ​​electromobility, we offer a globally unique product portfolio. ” Jasminka Usein

As part of the electrification course, REO has bundled its strengths in the production of inductive, resistive and electronic components and consistently developed them further. While many suppliers buy technologies, REO can fall back on more than 95 years of experience – a guarantee for innovative strength in-house, especially when demanding test systems are required.


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