The run up to The Shrewsbury Marathon

Electrical component manufacturer REO’s logo will be proudly displayed on the running shirt of product support engineer Tim Newcombe at this year’s Shrewsbury Marathon. The company based in Shropshire has supported Mr Newcombe in his personal challenge by providing funds for the cost of the race and supporting him in his training.

An average day finds Tim dealing with complex enquiries from customers as he is usually the first port of call for technical issues and feedback. He is able to troubleshoot any product problems and work with customers on site to assess the efficiency of repairs. As part of the quality assurance process Tim records product defect information and communicates with supervisors and colleagues.

The Shrewsbury Marathon is held on Sunday, June 23 which leaves Mr Newcombe just over two weeks left of preparation for the gruelling 26.2 mile run. Alongside 2,500 other participants, the marathon will see Tim break ‘through the wall’ in running terminology and grind out the miles in his REO embossed t-shirt.

“I’ve been passionate about running for about four years now,” explained Tim. “I do a lot of running but this is my first Marathon. Our managing director, Steve Hughes mentioned the marathon in February and I thought that it would be a great idea to enter.

“I suppose you could say I haven’t done any extensive preparation though. I’ve done some long distance running and resistance training at the gym, but I haven’t had to put myself through any special diets, thankfully!

“The REO team and my family will be there on the day, supporting me and cheering me on throughout the race.

“I do have a less technical side outside of REO. I love being able to go for a jog and listen to some music. It’s a great way of escaping your day to day worries, relaxing and recharging your batteries.

“I’m looking forward to reaching the finish line; nothing gives me more satisfaction than the feeling of finishing a run. It’s that sense of achievement that’s got to be the best bit,” concluded Tim.


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