Vibratory Conveyor Technology

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AC Magnet Reovib WI 721

Powder-coated version


Powder-coated model, fully encapsulated at 900 1/min, 1500 1/min, 3000 1/min or 6000 1/min, maximum power 3900 VA

  • Mounting with blind tapped holes at the base of the magnet and armature
  • Cable exit downwards with unshielded or shielded cable

The use of a new coating technology enables us to make the vibrating magnet in the WI 721 series smaller. This results in considerable savings in terms of weight, material and installation space. This optimised surface coating also ensures consistently high performance without the usual power losses that can occur with other systems.

The advantages of this new coating are manifold:

  • Use in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Use in the food processing industry with FDA conformity
  • Corrosion protection
  • High temperature resistance
  • Non-flammable
  • Cold resistant
  • Homogeneous coating
  • Resistant to solvents
  • High abrasion resistance

Thanks to these properties, the WI 721 series is ideal for demanding applications, especially in environments that require high standards of hygiene, durability and performance.


  • Corrosion protection by means of powder-coating
  • FDA compliant
  • Optimal size/performance ratio
  • Good adjustability
  • Maximum power 3900 VA
  • Also for low-frequency applications
  • Maximum tractive power 6900 N
  • Low Profile


Packaging industry and weighing sector for feeding and sorting processes. Automation process and assembly equipment which utilizes electromagnetic drives.

Particularly suited for the food processing sector and the pharmaceutical sector (FDA compliant)


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