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Emc Filter Cnw 174

DC filter for photovoltaik (2 lines)


By using efficient energy conversion in modern high-frequency inverters, more high-frequency energies are in the DC circuits. Caused by the fast switching processes of modern power semiconductors, these energies can damage the solar modules. On the AC and DC side, a very high interference level will be created in the frequency range of 150kHz – 30MHz.

This fact for the DC side is not recorded in the current standards. The long DC cables and the large PV modules on the filter are special features which distinguish the inverter from all other electronic devices.

The PV generator and the often very long DC cables function as antennae and can radiate originally conducted interference.

The electromagnetic compatibility of the inverters to other devices is guaranteed.


  • protection of solar cells from high frequency
  • noise generated by the inverter
  • designed to conform to existing and planned
  • optional with a current transformer
  • compact construction
  • low-temperature rise
  • universal protection for all inverters
  • optional anti-surge protection


The DC-filter suppresses grid-bound troubles of inverters for renewable energies like solar and wind power.


  • Conforming to: VDE 0565-3/ IEC 950/ UL 1283
  • Test voltage: L-L 3000 V, DC 1 s; L-PE 3000 V, DC 1s
  • Climatic category: DIN IEC 60068-1
  • Overload: 1,5 x INenn 1 min / h
  • Nominal Voltage: 900 V
  • Rated current: 10 – 600 A


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