Toroidal Transformers

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Housing And Interference Suppression Transformer

Transformer with special segregated windings


A damping of up to 90 dB is achieved with specially wound isolating transformers in segregated windings due to the low-capacitance design and an additional high-quality filter. An isolating transformer ensures additional safety – even for experimental constructions.


  • Fault clearance of sources of interference, operation on contaminated networks
  • Integrated mains input socket, power switch, device fuse and output socket
  • Free-of-ground output voltage to establish an IT network
  • Galvanic mains separation
  • High insulation resistance
  • Low-capacitance isolating transformer
  • Broadband interference suppression
  • Integrated mains filter with high damping
  • Transportable with handle

*Maximum production range: up to 0.9 kVA, primary/secondary voltages: 230 V, rated currents: up to 3.9 A