Leakage Transformer Ntt 500


In railway applications, where it‘s about the greatest possible comfort and safety of passengers, components are required that save space, are safe and have a long service life. Supply interruptions or voltage drops can lead to a range of undesirable effects such as the loss of motor power.

The REO leakage transformer ensures harmonized current and voltage outputs, filtering harmonics, and limiting the ripple current. With the spatial separation of the primary and secondary windings and the resulting intentional increase in the magnetic leakage field, the REO leakage transformer achieves a loose magnetic coupling.

This results in the combination of the function of a transformer (transforming voltage with galvanic separation) and a current-limiting choke.


  • Various performance classes : 50 kVA , 100 kVA , 150 kVA and 200 kVA
  • Voltage drop 10% uk ,20% , and 30%
  • Voltage ratio /Windings selectable
  • Winding material and optimized insulation degree selectable


  • Space-saving (transformer and choke in a single component)
  • Longer life for motors by limiting of current peaks
  • Low-cost
  • Optimized for railway operation (high degree of pollution , Shock- and vibration tested ,Salt spray and immersion tested)


  • Rated power : 71000 – 275000 VA
  • Input voltage : 210 – 1660 V

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