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Test Choke Npt 892


Switches must pass many different tests during the approval phase. Some of these tests involve the switching behaviour under different load conditions, the switch is tested on nominal load, overload and at many cos. Additionally, the switch will be checked on switch on and switch off procedures. The parameters must be every time the same during these tests.

In the past, air chokes were used as inductive loads, since these do not saturate. Air chokes are larger and have a stronger leakage field than comparable core chokes with corresponding magnetic energy.


  • Adapted linearity, no saturation in the workspace
  • Several taps, just a few chokes instead of many are needed
  • Adjusted winding resistance, thereby reducing resistive loads
  • Designed for continuous load and short-term exposure
  • Optimizing weight and dimensions, lower costs
  • High voltage, standard up to 1000V


  • Insulation class: F bei 40° C Umgebung
  • Climatic category: 25/085/21 DIN IEC 68 Teil 1
  • Max. winding temperature: 140° C
  • Cooling: AF
  • Protection rating: IP 00
  • Nominal Voltage: 24 V
  • Rated current: 0,2 – 4 A
  • Inductance: 160 – 125000 mH



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