Vibratory Conveyor Technology

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Phase Angle Controller Reovib Smart 6A

IP 54 or IP 20


The REOVIB SMART series includes phase control devices for use in vibration conveyor applications.

The devices offer the most important functions for use in vibratory conveyor technology and thus represent a cost-effective option for controlling vibratory conveyors – and in a high-quality design. The devices are available in various protection classes – as a control cabinet installation module in IP20 or as a housing variant in IP54 for direct mounting on the application. The housing variants with protection class IP54 are available in different versions:

  • Input cable / output cable
  • Input cable / output socket
  • completely pluggable with input plug and output socket.

The REOVIB SMART ATS 100 devices are available in an IP54 housing design with output currents up to 15 A and are UL-listed.


  • Inexpensive phase angle controls with the most important functions
  • IP54 version for direct mounting on the application or IP20 version for control cabinet installation
  • Versions with UL approval (SMART ATS 100) available
  • Output current up to 6 A


Conveyor & assembly automation, sorting systems


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