Vibratory Conveyor Technology

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Reovib Measuring Devices

Measuring devices for vibratory conveyors


The REOVIB measuring box 122 is used to facilitate the set-up work and to check the magnetic current and the magnetic voltage on vibratory conveyors. The devices are equipped with moving iron measuring instruments and are interconnected internally. This means that the installation between the control unit and the conveyor can be carried out quickly and easily.

The SWM 4000 measuring device is used to set up, test and service vibration conveyor devices. As a hand-held device with integrated rechargeable batteries, this device can be used particularly easily on the move. Frequency [Hz], oscillation amplitude [mm], oscillation speed [cm / s] and oscillation acceleration [g] can be measured using an acceleration sensor. The values ​​are shown on the integrated LCD display and can also be saved in the device (40 measured values). Via the built-in USB interface, this stored data can be transferred to a PC in a file for further analysis.

The SWM 1000 sensor is used to monitor vibratory feeders. The sensor detects the acceleration of a magnetically or motor-driven vibrating feeder and delivers a measured value each for the vibration acceleration [g] and for the vibration amplitude [mm]. The output of the sensor can be connected directly to a measuring device (with 0 (4)… 20 mA input) or connected to a PLC control for the purpose of evaluation or monitoring, for example.

The REOVIB 6050 workshop device contains a REOVIB MFS frequency converter for vibratory conveyors and has been specially developed for use in the service area and in the construction and construction of vibratory conveyors. For quick handling, the setpoint for the amplitude can be set using a potentiometer; An ammeter is integrated to control the output current.

The REOVIB 6100 workshop and diagnostic device is a microprocessor-controlled device for adjusting the output of vibratory conveyors by means of an integrated REOVIB MFS frequency converter. At the same time, vibration frequency [Hz], vibration amplitude [mm], vibration speed [cm / s] and vibration acceleration [g] are determined using an acceleration sensor. The values ​​are shown on the integrated LCD display and can also be saved in the device (40 measured values). Via the built-in USB interface, this stored data can be transferred to a PC in a file for further analysis. The operating frequency of the conveyor can be set manually or determined independently with the aid of a vibration amplitude sensor via an automatic frequency search.

The REOVIB SWM 843 monitoring device is used to measure and display the vibration behaviour of vibrating troughs. The vibration of the channel is recorded by an acceleration sensor. The current measured value can be read as acceleration value [g], amplitude value [mm] or oscillation frequency value [Hz] directly on the device on a 5-digit seven-segment display. The acceleration value can be tapped proportionally at an analogue output with 0 (4)… 20 mA for the purpose of evaluation or monitoring – either via a connected measuring device or, for example, a connected PLC control.

The REOVIB BK 032 monitoring device is used to measure the vibration behaviour of vibrating troughs. With this evaluation device in connection with an acceleration sensor, vibration channels can be monitored with regard to the acceleration forces that occur. A permissible window is defined via an adjustable maximum or minimum limit. If these values ​​are exceeded or not reached, an associated relay switches.


  • REOVIB MESSBOX 122: Pointer instruments with moving iron measuring mechanism
  • REOVIB 6050: Workshop device for development/construction aid in the construction of vibratory conveyors
  • REOVIB 6100: Workshop and diagnostic device for the development, construction and quality control of vibratory conveyors. Mobile service measuring device for the control of vibratory conveyors
  • REOVIB SWM 4000: Mobile service measuring device for checking vibratory feeders
  • REOVIB SWM 1000: Acceleration and amplitude sensor for vibratory feeders
  • REOVIB SWM 843: Monitoring device for vibrating troughs
  • REOVIB BK 032: Monitoring device for vibrating troughs


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