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Single-phase Thyristor Controller Reotron Ew 514

Single-Phase Thyristor Controller


The REOTRON EW 514 is a single-phase thyristor power regulator for load currents up to 6 A.

The control electronics are isolated from the mains voltage. Load power is controlled by means of thyristors operated in the phase-angle control mode. The setpoint signal can be provided either by a potentiometer or by a 0…+ 10 VDC or a 0(4)…20 mA control signal. The matching of load power to the required setpoint range is affected by internal trimmer potentiometers for Umin/Umax. Remote control of the unit is possible by means of an enable/inhibit input.
Variations of the main supply are compensated by an internal control circuit.

The unit is mounted to a 35 mm rail to DIN EN 50 022.


  • Mains voltage compensation
  • Setpoint via potentiometer
  • 0…+10 V, 0(4)…20 mA
  • Enable input 24 V, DC or contact
  • Mounting to 35 mm DIN-rail


  • Input voltage : 230 V + 6% / – 10%
  • Output voltage : 0…230 V
  • Output Current: 6 A



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