REO products are available worldwide and in part on a daily basis under the most severe conditions in use. And whether at – 30 ° C in the mountains of the Rocky Mountains in Canada or at + 40 ° C in the deserts of Nevada in the USA, REO products are known to be able to rely on them even under the most adverse circumstances. And to guarantee this, we apply the highest standards and requirements for the production of our products and begin already in the early stage of the planning of products with extensive testing.

In order to save material and to shorten development times, so ultimately minimize costs, we use the latest computer and software, and thus simulate eg Temperature changes, heat conduction and heat radiation. But life calculations of bolts and welds or studies of the effects of cyclic loading can significantly shortened by modern engineering programs and thus the quality of our products will be significantly increased. Equally important, it is also to recognize the weaknesses quickly, without even having made a single prototype. A large and not only financial benefit for our customers, because REO can enter individually and promptly followed customer feedback through this targeted analysis.

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3D-FEM-stress Analysis


3D-FEM-magnetic field calculation


3D-Thermal simulation