Overcoming smart city power problems



We created an infographic outlining three ways to overcome  problems with power quality in smart cities

Smart cities, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milton Keynes, use digital, electronic and information technology (IT) to create an environmentally and economically sustainable community.

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Change your approach to renewable energy



Power quality specialist releases white paper urging reform

We are urging businesses to reconsider their relationship with  renewable energy . We have released a whitepaper exploring the state of the  renewable energy sector  and argues that the time is ripe for organizations to think about how they can overcome problems such as the changes to feed-in tariffs, power quality problems, planning permission and the threat from cheap imports of renewable technology.

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Transforming power quality for the renewable age


renewable energy

By 2018, Holland's rail network will run entirely on renewable energy.

The country's existing wind farms already supply almost half of the network's traction power. Investment in new farms will ratchet this up to the full 1.4 TWh of electricity needed to transport Dutch commuters each year. Following the landmark COP21 agreement to reduce carbon emissions, Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK explores why rail providers need to be prepared for the inevitable shift to  renewable energy  and to manage potential power quality issues that may arise.

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Guide to better power quality


power quality

NEW power quality white paper released

REO UK has released a  white paper addressing electrical interference and power quality problems in the food and beverage, HVAC and medical sectors.  The white paper outlines the issues caused by technological development in each industry, as well as how electrical engineers and plant and facilities managers can mitigate these problems.

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REO UK uses robots to boost production



Power specialist energises production facilities

Power quality specialist REO UK has installed new robotic units into its production facilities to improve the accuracy of component and enclosure manufacturing. The new systems allow the company to maintain a consistently high standard of product, while also boosting production capacity in line with increasing demand for effective power quality equipment.

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The challenges of poor power quality in the food industry



Powering the food chain

From powering microwaves to keeping fridge-freezers running, electricity plays an integral role in the food chain. Yet even before products reach the hands of consumers,  a constant supply of reliable power is required to ensure that food is produced safely and properly . Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, explains how electrical engineers can protect food manufacturing plants from power quality problems. 

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New voltage stabiliser for countries with unstable power


voltage stabilizer

New range targets the rise in exports following Brexit

Power quality specialist REO UK, has launched REOSTAB,  a range of single and three-phase mains voltage stabilizers . The new range will protect industrial equipment from electrical damage in countries with unreliable power grids. The product comes at a time when UK engineering companies are turning to new export markets to mitigate for the fall in the UK exchange rate.

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Farmers tackling electrical interference



Power line filter reduces electrical interference for farmers

Power quality specialist REO UK has launched the CNW 163, a  power line filter designed to combat electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in the agriculture industry . Power quality has become a prominent issue for agricultural engineers and farmers in recent years as the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags has become more popular alongside power line communication (PLC) lines used in automatic farming systems.

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Protecting components in the right way



Since its opening in 1937, over two billion cars have driven across the Golden Gate Bridge. This constant flow of traffic, the salty sea air and San Francisco's famously foggy weather mean that maintenance workers use an  anti-corrosion paint coating  to protect the bridge's steel components. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of power quality specialist REO UK, explains how  manufacturers of electronic components can protect their products from the elements.

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REO AG all set to exhibit at Middle East Electricity Dubai



REO AG are exhibiting at MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE from February 14th to February 16th 2017 and we would like to invite you to visit us in  Hall H3, Booth H10 .

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