Braking Resistors for confined spaces

A new range of braking resistors designed for applications such as lifts, elevators, cranes and high inertia loads, particularly where space is limited, has been introduced by REO UK Ltd. They are ideally suited to absorbing surplus energy generated by traction motors when loads are being lowered.

The overall size of the resistors is kept to a minimum thanks to a novel manufacturing technique. This involves sealing resistance coils within an aluminium heat-sink extrusion that incorporates a special, thermo-dynamic filler that transfers the heat to the outer cooling surfaces with great efficiency.

The resistors are designed for a 100% duty cycle and can be custom engineered to fit into awkward spaces. The standard range extends up to 15kW but larger power ratings are possible by connecting modules in series and parallel depending on the current and resistance values required by the application. It is also possible to have EMC fittings for connection to the DC link of a frequency drive.

The unique construction of the resistors allows them to be used without protective covers in areas where damp and dust problems could arise.


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