Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

At REO we are making a continuous and in-depth monitoring of the situation daily and check for new information which may influence our business and consequently that of our customers. Many of our customers are in the food or pharmaceutical industries and we are doing our utmost to ensure that we can continue to supply and provide support. Our office staff are working remotely and key production and logistical staff are operating to the Governments latest guidelines concerning safe working. As an additional measure, we are working two shifts to ensure we have a contingency in place in the event that employees should need to self-isolate.

According to all current and foreseeable factors there is no negative influence on the production at all REO sites in Germany and the deliveries already scheduled will be able to be realized as planned. The material stockholding is currently ‘good’ and contractual planning with suppliers also show no current issues with the delivery situations. Personnel requirements are also in place to achieve the deliveries according to the existing plans and our European distribution companies are also working normally.

We currently have capacity within our schedule and it would be our recommendation that you schedule deliveries of product as far as feel you are able in order that you can ride through any unforeseen circumstances. This will allow us to ensure we have component supply and allocate production time to you.

We are regularly monitoring the situation and will update you if the situation changes, but trust that customers will take a moment to consider their supply chain to ensure a continuous supply of REO products.

Stay safe everyone.

You can continue to contact us in the normal way – Stay safe everyone.


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